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Performax TA2 Muscle Car Series

About The Race

The TA2 series is set to have a seven-event calendar for the 2018 season containing six championship rounds, as well as an invitational event at the Muscle Car Masters at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Commencing at Winton Motor Raceway in March, the series will feature at the opening round of the new Australian Motor Racing Series and will be Victoria’s first ever Performax TA2 Muscle Car Series event.

Moving interstate to New South Wales and Queensland the race is planned to increase national exposure and really kick start its growth in Australia.

Ford Mustang | Trans Am 2 Racing Australia
Trans Am 2 Racing Australia

The History

The TA2 series was established in 1966 in the United States and featured the iconic muscle cars of the Mu Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Cuda, Firebird and more out of the showroom floors.

Once a manufacturers championship of modified production cars, the series still exists today but has evolved to show case GT style race cars with three separate classes, TA, TA2, TA3 and TA4.

Although originally from the U.S. the Trans-Am series, particularly the TA2 class, has become increasingly popular overseas with the hottest property in circuit racing taking up roots in South America, Europe, Asia and now Australia.

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